What your kid wants you to know

Inspirational Speaker Tom Doyle

(Former president of the Washington State Athletic Association, 2001 WSSAA Director of the Year, 2005 WSSAA Hall of Fame and author of The Sports Parent’s Manual)

adapted from The Sport Parent’s Manual by Tom Doyle

Things parents do that their kids really appreciate… 

  • “Taking time out of their busy schedule to come to games and support what we do.”
  • “Bringing snacks after the game.”
  • “Supporting the whole team.”
  • “Cheering the team even when losing badly.”
  • “Telling us we did a good job.”
  • “Being proud of us even when we didn’t win.”
  • “Being quiet unless cheering with everyone else.”
  • “Never yelling at a coach or ref.”
  • “Making friends with the other parents.”
  • “Telling a “negative” parent to be quiet.”

Things parents do that embarrass their kids…

  • “Trying to teach me how to do something ‘correctly’ after a game.”
  • “Coaching during games even though you aren’t the coach.”
  • “Telling me what I was doing wrong after every game.”
  • “Being asked to leave a field by an official.”
  • “Going crazy at the refs-because it is not your job. It is the coach’s job to question bad calls.”
  • “Taunting other players, opponents, refs.”
  • “Yelling things at coaches and getting involved with something that was between the coach and me. It was none of their business.”
  • “Coming to a game drunk, or after drinking.”
  • “Acting disappointed with what I am doing instead of reassuring me I will do better next time.”
  • “Getting a technical foul against our team.”
  • “Don’t say, ‘(nickname)’, you really look cute in your uniform, honey’!”